Breaking the ice with casual conversations and a group game can help the meeting attendees loosen up. More importantly, it enables the rest of the discussion to flow more naturally, thereby helping teams bond.

What are some fun icebreaker games for work in 2023?

The “Movie Pitch,” The “Logo Love,” and The “Foodie” are a few examples of the icebreaker activities you can learn about in our 36 Ridiculously Fun Icebreaker Games in 2023 For Your Next Meeting! Battle-tested by top performing companies, we are proud to share with you the best of the best.

To help encourage participation, consider sending gift cards to help defray the cost. You can even consider going all in and making it a lunch meeting. Sometimes, you need a good old-fashioned ice breaker that everyone already knows. Here are the best ice breakers you probably did at camp when you were thirteen.

Word Association

Work with your intranet webmaster to place these tokens throughout your intranet pages. Ideally, you will want to use important but not well-known or frequently visited pages. This will encourage your employees to spend some time learning what your intranet has to offer. To do this, start by creating a list of “tokens” or “icons” for your employees to find. Similar to a team scavenger hunt, you can host a virtual treasure hunt using your intranet and award the top three participants with a small prize.

This one has to be done with accessible objects that can be found around any house or office. Have people sketch drawings, and whoever guesses first wins a point. This gives employees an excellent opportunity to brag about the crazy thing some kid did in their high school or how the little bakery on the corner had the best donuts.

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You will want to structure the session and call out who will be answering next before it is their turn. These sessions can become chaotic if they involve too many people and have no structure. The whole point of the activity is to ensure that everyone contributes and feels involved. Getting your team to answer a personality test can result in interesting discussions. Send everyone a link to a popular personality test. Here is a link to a Myers-Briggs 16 personality types test. There are plenty of different types of tried and tested personality tests.

Get your virtual chat into Brady Bunch mode so you can see everyone’s faces. Have players hold up their hand with their fingers stretched out, and call on one person to start. When structuring your icebreakers, remember to avoid potentially sensitive subjects, like race, sex, religion and politics. People might have different beliefs, misspeak, or have clashing communication styles, icebreakers for virtual meetings and get off on the wrong foot. Paying attention to Zoom calls is harder than paying attention in person. If your camera’s off, your guests could be online shopping in another tab, enjoying their morning coffee, or staring aimlessly into space. In face-to-face meetings, paying attention is hard to fake, but in a virtual meeting, you just can’t know who’s present and who’s not.

#17. Random question of the week

Instead of the usual stoic answers of “I’m good”, you can let people creatively express themselves through drawings. The ‘Wheeldecide’ is a classic spin-the-wheel icebreaker . You can either use the wheel provided or modify your wheel.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

Virtual team icebreakers are essential for team building, not just when a new employee is hired, but rather throughout the year. It’s important to establish collaboration within the workplace, even when it’s virtual. As you include more remote team icebreakers, you will also boost your company culture. While we all know that it’s important to build a strong culture within a team, this can sometimes be more difficult in staff with remote employees.

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